Yarn Reviews

After my experience making a skirt and a pair of mittens with Yarn-who-must-not-be-named, I began to wonder if there was a resource out there for crocheters and knitters to get a full-body review of yarns. I’m not just talking about initial opinions of the yarn and a sample swatch, but a full review that includes how the yarn holds up during project construction and after the completed piece gets put into use. I don’t see much reviews like this anywhere, so I might as well step in to do the job. I introduce to you a new section of my blog, which will be dedicated to yarn reviews.

This review blog will be a little different from others. I don’t want to buy yarn just to buy it; I’m operating from a tight budget at the time of writing this, and I prefer a more minimalist lifestyle (my ADHD brain HATES clutter and the overwhelm it causes my senses). I also want the reviews to be genuine, and I feel that purchasing for the sake of purchasing won’t hold the same excitement and care as picking up a few skeins with a project already in mind. Finally, I feel it would be a valuable resource to crafters to know how their projects will last past a few uses. I’m a little rough with my things, so the pieces that hold up in my collection can be viewed as proof that the yarn and/or pattern has longevity. Nothing is more regrettable than dedicating precious time and energy on a piece just for it to look unappealing in the end.

What to expect

Full data on the yarn being reviewed, including company/shop information, weight and twist of the yarn, ideal hook and needle sizes, texture and allergen concerns and ease of use.

Images of plain knit/crochet and lace knit/crochet work swatches before and after wet/steam blocking with each yarn being reviewed.

Links to the patterns of the projects I work up with this yarn.

Images of the completed pieces before and after wet/steam blocking.

Images of the pieces after 1, 3 and 6 months of wear, and information on how I maintain these garments.

I hope this will become a great resource for people on a tight budget or for those who are particularly picky about their yarns!

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